Alexander Charriol
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA
"As an artist my aim is to continuously convey a sense of motion, connection and transformation in my work."

'Growing up on different continents has enormously influenced my work. As a child we moved a lot and that taught me to embrace change, and to quickly make new and interesting connections.’

It is this sense of connection that informed his highly acclaimed body of work, ‘Human Flow’, which focuses on the human touch. Its underlying narrative; one of unity within diversity, resonates strongly with Charriol.

‘Exploring art in each unique culture has kept me questioning and constantly curious. Through art I also began to express my cultural experiences and was able to absorb, interpret and appreciate the art and its differences with an open mind.’

Working in a variety of mediums, including oils, plastic, and wood, Charriol’s work is primal, bold, energetic and humorous.
Human existence inspires me. Our need to interact to, to smell, to create a dialogue and to become intimate fuels our evolution. Our instinct for survival and the inevitably of death speak beyond all languages culture, politics, religions, morals and values and unites us towards an ultimate goal: life
My art is an extension of myself, and I let my instinct and flow of energy drive my creativity. The result exposes my most visceral emotion and I hope to evoke a similar reaction from viewers.
In my series "Human Flow" I focused on the mystery behind touch. Each painting tells the story of an overpowering energy that feeds our desire to connect to each other. I also examine individuality as a subject; how the body and mind relates to their surroundings and the impact of how one sees oneself in the eyes of others, and in their own image.


2021 Madison Studios, Los Angeles 2017 Presson Place Gallery, Los Angeles 2015 Human Flow Manila Philippines Altromondo Arte Contemporaneo Gallery 2013 Human Flow Hong Kong, The Space 2012 Human Flow and the Objects Of Life, Loutus L’Art de Vivre Gallery, Bangkok Thailand 2010 Human Flow Project, New York 2009 Karl Hutter Gallery, Los Angeles 2008 Yoshii Gallery, Japan 2008 Art Space Gallery, Dubai 2007 G.E Galleria, Monterey, Mexico 2007 Elite Traveller project, New York 2007 Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, New York 2006 Art Space Gallery, Dubai 2005 Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, New York 2004 Kee Club and Art Statements, Hong Kong 2004 Ayala Museum Manila, Philippines 2003 Yoshii Gallery, Paris, France 2003 Colonia Condesa Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico 1999 Sydney Muse, London, England
Group 2011 Mallick Williams Gallery, New York 2007 National Art Club, New York 2007 Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa, Florida 2006 Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, New York 2005 Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, New York 2004 Peekskill Project, New York 2004 Stereognost/ Propriocept, New York 2003 Square Gallery, Litch!eld Connecticut